Friday, December 10, 2010

ian mcfarland gave me this patch outside the el torreon early spring 2003. i just hooked him up with an eighth of decent weed for what he paid. he was so stoked about the sack. we sat in his bands tour van and he told tour stories while we got high as fuck. this was around the same time my buddy was banned from the el torreon for "drinking inside the venue". before blood for blood went on i went out front to smoke another joint, the same buddy was hooded up sitting on the fire escape dodging brian bomb just to listen to blood for bloods set. i got a shout out on stage between songs that night for selling a bag of weed to a band that literally spoke for "my kind".

a friend was "holding" this patch for me after i went to county jail back in 2006. regardless i got it back tonight and these memories came back with it.