Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is not a global economy...

hell nah! wait... yes it is. OK! yes we are talking about a global stage, like a multinational forum (like motorcycle messageboards).

So wait... we can pounce third world militarized nations with the propaghanda of forked tongued liars and quickness and strenth of american working class men?

america's working class is the most intelligent, most innovative people on this planet. why are we slaving to these people who have our interests at the bottom of their list?

this was america.
this will be america.

What is socialism?

what is nationalism?

Does that make you a nazi?

FUCK real fascists!!! straight up shock value is one thing, being a straight nazi is preee fucking wack. FUCK THAT!

fuck these propaghandists.

Is this how we want the world seeing us (the greatest nation on earth)?

or do we want ourselves being repped appropriately.