Sunday, September 20, 2009


Florida's Poison The Well is the latest act to suffer from gear theft. The band was robbed when only two days into their ongoing tour with Billy Talent. The group commented:

So this morning we woke up at our delightful Marriot Courtyard hotel (priceline, get into it) and walked outside to get in the van to head to Chicago for our second show of the tour. Only problem, it isn't there. Either someone is pulling some Merlin shit on us and just waiting for the perfect moment to unveil it and calm our shot nerves, or a talented scumbag stole our van and trailer with literally everything we own inside. Needless to say, we're crushed. Our most beloved instruments are gone, and trust me, we're gear nerds.

After a great deal of scrambling and deliberation, we found a way to stay on tour, after a few days off to get some gear and a rental van together. Having something like this happen is the worst thing that can happen to any band short of someone dying, and we're incredibly stoked to finish this tour with Billy Talent and play every night doing what we love...

A benefit shirt is on sale to raise some funds for the group. The band is currently in support of their latest record The Tropic Rot.

fucking stupid "rock stars" on tour in D-TOWN can't find some young dick rider to sleep in their van(to keep it from getting jacked)? well ya know what, you get lazy and muh fukkahs are gonna catch your ass sleeping. and listen to these cats staying at hotels on tour in this economy in this day and age. word to wisdom, you kids are giving punk rock a bitch name, you reap what you sow. northeast eric