Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 year ago tonight...

i was leaving jail after 5 months in custody. i hitchhiked back to kansas city from st. louis in a freightliner with a kenworth diesel pulling from where i was to denver.

everyone else's interstate hitchhiking story is the old trucker who buys them meals and thumps his bible. not me, i got the crazy pervert serial killer cowboy from texas. this fucking guy was 6' 4" x 150, a lanky weak looking hillbilly who was 5 years younger than myself and fully bald under his cowboy hat. i wasn't tripping cause i knew i could easily kill this dude.

st louis, missouri to kansas city, missouri is a four hour trip. this weird fag drug it out to 10 hours, 3 of which was spent at a rural porn arcade. it took this weak ass dude that long to rub one out probably around a bunch of dudes watching bi-porn. when he pulled up to this place he asked me if i wanted to go in with him. i told him hell no, i'll wait here in the parking lot. he did let me sit shotgun in this big ass kenworth while he was getting all creepy. and he left his smartphone in the cab on accident, i made a few calls.

he let me out at 435 and wornall road in south kansas city. i walked to the nearest spot i knew, maybe two miles north. found a friends couch and claimed it until i was back on my feet.

i'm a thousand times well off now then i was back then. it's crazy how easily you can go from rock bottom to sky high. you only have one life.