Sunday, August 30, 2009


The stigma of working with your hands, in essence that translates to being desperate, downtrodden, low class. we are the most wealthy country in the world. everyone here should be guaranteed a decent job with fair wages, right?

And they are actually giving you an option if you cannot hang with "getting dirty". or if you are part of a local economy that doesn't need you. join the army, right?

whose soft hands set these standards for you and me?

that is a great question to ask the enlightened ones.

or maybe you could ask your great grandpa (if he's still breathing) how it was when he was growing up. i'm sure he has some stories for you.

i'm sure your daddy's daddy's daddy could've told you how shit was back in the day.

if you are not that close with you family you can always turn to the ready-made corporate propaganda to steer you the "right" way.

or your feeble mind can just accept 48 degrees in august. right?

HOLLYWOOD is conditioning you for a scenario similar to this. that's right folks, accept the ice age.

what is your last option? less than 1% (i know the irony is killing me) of the population are controlling US, the people who ramble this earth. do the math, they are against all odds.

if your mind actually works you may realize that the renaissance is approaching.